It is a popular misconception that Methana is an island. However, there is a thin 300 m. band of land connecting it to the Peloponnese. This small peninsula is famous for its Thermal Baths, its unique volcanic scenery as well as its archaeological sites of great importance. There are various references of the place called Methoni or Methini by Pausanias, Thoukidedes and Stravon. The first inhabitants of the place date back to the Neolithic period according to findings at the site of Palaiokastro, while during the Classical period there are findings which prove the existence of their own currency with the emblem of god Hephaestus on  the coins. At the picturesque port there are the ancient ruins of the Cyclopean Walls, near Vathi there is the ancient fortress of the acropolis of old Methana which dates back to the era of the Peloponnesian War and finally moving inland the visitor will discover a few medieval churches. 
At the spa town of Methana you will not fail to notice its picturesque coast lined with decorative trees, the small island of Agioi Anargyroi filled with beautiful pine trees, the impresive building of hydrotherapy and of course the quaint esplanade with its numerous traditional taverns serving ouzo and fresh fish. You can also find plenty of cafés and pastry shops which add to the romantic atmosphere of the place making it the perfect destination for a short visit.
In Methana you can breathe the air of a retro charm which comes from the old days. Stroll along the promenade gazing at the palm trees being lined along it, visit the Thermal Baths which are rich in minerals famous for their healing properties which can treat various illnesses. Walk along the peaceful cobbled streets with their artistic signs, taste fresh fish at the picturesque traditional taverns with their tables lain by the sea and recharge your batteries with an excursion ideal  for those interested in exploration which only SEAYACHT can offer.


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