A one day cruise to Hydra

How about a day cruise to beautiful Hydra? Let the sea breeze accompany you taking all the time you need to enjoy the beauties of the island. Follow us to an enchanting boat ride to picturesque Hydra.
Our one day cruises enable us to get away from daily routine and appreciate the pleasures of vacations following an itinerary which doesn't end up being tiring. Our experience on the right planning of day cruises brings out the charming beauty of the area we are going to visit without any haste which may tire the traveler not allowing them to see virtually anything of the chosen destination. 
Trust us to lead you to the very heart of Saronikos Bay, the international jet set's favourite island with the typical well-preserved architecture. An especially cosmopolitan place as well as a family destination - keep in mind that both cars and motorbikes are banned - where you can enjoy endless strolls along the quaint cobbled streets, a ride on a donkey with your children and discover the numerous beauties of the island. 
Hydra has been declared by UNESCO as the most well-preserved island of the Mediterranean Sea in terms of natural beauty. Its restored manor houses, its quaint cobbled streets, the houses with their blue windows, the fortress with the battlements and cannons, its 300 churches, the museums and monasteries will overwhelm you with their beauty. The rich aromas of the sea food will dazzle you till you actually enjoy a delicious meal with your family or just relax at a beer pub with friends. 
This one day cruise will relax you so that you can escape from the daily routine following a schedule both well-planned and exciting. The cruise is especially designed for those who luck in time or want to leave it all behind combining the fun of vacations with relaxation. Trust us to travel you to this special island of Saronikos Bay.


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Marina Alimou, Kalamaki
T. 6987266749