Get away to cosmopolitan Spetses with SEAYACHT. This historical island is about 50 nautical miles away from Piraeus and consequently the ideal destination for short escape. On board  SEAYACHT we will meet numerous lacy small bays which welcome us to their clear blue water as well as their privacy. 
Cosmopolitan Spetses is known for its neoclassical manor houses with their beautiful balconies and the intricately designed mosaic yards. Its traditional architecture combined with the lack of cars invite us to meet the island of Spetses leaving all the worries of the big city behind.
Its great participation in the greek revolution of 1821 cannot be ignored as a lot of important captains of the time offered their fleets to the service of the war, with the woman captain Laskarina Bouboulina on top of all, whose imposing statue decorates the square of Posidonio. You can sample the delicious local almond delights with the mouthwatering aromas of cinnamon and clove, go window shopping or enjoy a walk at the port of Dapia. The museum of Bouboulina, the magnificently decorated Posidonio Hotel, the square of the clock, the manor house of Hatzigianni Mexi which has been turned into a museum and the beacon of Spetses also stand out. Enjoy a ride on a horse with carriage, visit the metropolitan cathedral of St. Nicolas, the church where the flag of 1821 was risen and have a cup of coffee at one of the many luxurious cafés of the island. 
On board SEAYACHT  we will enjoy our trip to the beautiful island of Spetses, a unique short distant excursion for the lovers of fun and all those who would love to recharge their batteries at this classical, majestic and cosmopolitan destination.


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