Crossing the Corinth canal

The Corinth canal is an impressive and magnificent human accomplishment which is worth a visit or even better a crossing. 
How many times haven't we crossed the aerial walkway of the canal, considering the bottomless human need to tame the world around, adjusting it in order to satisfy his needs.
In 602 B.C., Periandros the Corinth tyrant  was the first person ever who considered this great opening as a possibility due to the difficulties occurring during the transportation of merchandise on land. Because of financial interests as well as more practical difficulties the project was abandoned however the start of a dream was activated which eventually became a reality about 2400 years later. The Corinth canal is about 6 km long. Historically the canal was a strategical focal point of Greece and that is the reason why its creation would make sailing and trading much more easily done.
This miraculous structure of the 19th century is not only a node in the country's transport network but also an attraction for numerous admirers. Even more spectacular however is the view of the canal looking at it from its bottom upwards! This amazing sight can be enjoyed by crossing the canal admiring the gigantic bulks of land on each side which are 70 meters high. Sailing along the emerald water we will catch sight of people looking like miniatures starring us from above with awe.
During the crossing of the canal you will have the chance to take the most amazing pictures which are impossible to be taken from the top. You will also notice the worn rocks, surrender yourself to the tranquility of the calm water, but above all you will marvel at the incredible scenery realizing the power of human will.
The crossing can be combined with a stop Heraion Lake for lunch, coffee and dessert at Loutraki. SEAYACHT haw always been a pioneer approaching the needs of each customer individually and invites you to a fascinating ride along one of the most magnificent works ever structured by man.
The Corinth canal is a popular sight visited by thousands of tourists from around the world for the reasons mentioned above and more.


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