Fishing on the boat

The boat contains a bait tank and a fish tank filled with sea water.

Is fishing your favourite pastime? Would you like to combine fun with "work"? Join us now for the best fishing on the boat. A lot of fishermen fill the need to get on their boat with their fishing rod and stop at whichever spot they choose to fish undisturbed under the wonderful Mediterranean sun. On the boat you can efficiently enjoy fishing since you are given the opportunity to try more elaborate fishing techniques. Fishing on the boat can be more specialized and efficient and it can include brilliant techniques invented by expert fishermen who have been using them for years. Also, you can try techniques used by our grandfathers and that seem to be forgotten now. Fishing can acquire a further dimension when done the right time of year, with suitable weather conditions and the fish "in the right mood".  With the use of adequate equipment we can fish highly efficiently and experience unforgettable moments. 

Contact info (ENG)

Marina Alimou, Kalamaki
T. 6987266749