Family entertainment

With SEAYACHT services, you can enjoy unforgettable family vacations. Join us to tour you to one of a kind destinations and spend some quality time with your family. Our company has been taking action in the field of sea cruisers rental successfully providing strictly well-chosen yachts which are fully-equipped, with highly experienced crews and always prioritizing our customers' satisfaction. Enquire us today about our unbeatable prices and allow us to offer you and your family a taste of Greece you have never tried before. The greatest memories are created when the family takes on some team work and all together contribute to a common cause. Get to imagine your children having fun, enjoying the clear blue greek seas every moment of the day, while diving inside the most unspoilt coasts, when all together you discover one more quaint small bay, when you explore a cave and when you share the one and only experience of co-operation with others on a boat learning the value of participation, co-existing and mutual respect. 
 Family entertainment can be combined with fishing, diving, water-skiing, approaching deserted beaches and more. Take pleasure in admiring the starry sky, if you are lucky enough taste some fresh fish, excel in endless water sports deprived of the fatigue of constant transportation and  packing. You only need to wear your broadest smile so leave all the rest to us. Get ready for a holiday of a lifetime. Our love of both the sea and sailing are the main ingredients used to ensure your convenience and an unforgettable family experience.



It is a popular misconception that Methana is an island. However, there is a thin 300 m. band of land connecting it to the Peloponnese. This small peninsula is famous for its Thermal Baths, its unique volcanic scenery as well as its archaeological sites of great importance. There are various references of the place called Methoni or Methini by Pausanias, Thoukidedes and Stravon. The first inhabitants of the place date back to the Neolithic period according to findings at the site of Palaiokastro, while during the Classical period there are findings which prove the existence of their own currency with the emblem of god Hephaestus on  the coins. At the picturesque port there are the ancient ruins of the Cyclopean Walls, near Vathi there is the ancient fortress of the acropolis of old Methana which dates back to the era of the Peloponnesian War and finally moving inland the visitor will discover a few medieval churches. 
At the spa town of Methana you will not fail to notice its picturesque coast lined with decorative trees, the small island of Agioi Anargyroi filled with beautiful pine trees, the impresive building of hydrotherapy and of course the quaint esplanade with its numerous traditional taverns serving ouzo and fresh fish. You can also find plenty of cafés and pastry shops which add to the romantic atmosphere of the place making it the perfect destination for a short visit.
In Methana you can breathe the air of a retro charm which comes from the old days. Stroll along the promenade gazing at the palm trees being lined along it, visit the Thermal Baths which are rich in minerals famous for their healing properties which can treat various illnesses. Walk along the peaceful cobbled streets with their artistic signs, taste fresh fish at the picturesque traditional taverns with their tables lain by the sea and recharge your batteries with an excursion ideal  for those interested in exploration which only SEAYACHT can offer.


A one day cruise to Hydra

How about a day cruise to beautiful Hydra? Let the sea breeze accompany you taking all the time you need to enjoy the beauties of the island. Follow us to an enchanting boat ride to picturesque Hydra.
Our one day cruises enable us to get away from daily routine and appreciate the pleasures of vacations following an itinerary which doesn't end up being tiring. Our experience on the right planning of day cruises brings out the charming beauty of the area we are going to visit without any haste which may tire the traveler not allowing them to see virtually anything of the chosen destination. 
Trust us to lead you to the very heart of Saronikos Bay, the international jet set's favourite island with the typical well-preserved architecture. An especially cosmopolitan place as well as a family destination - keep in mind that both cars and motorbikes are banned - where you can enjoy endless strolls along the quaint cobbled streets, a ride on a donkey with your children and discover the numerous beauties of the island. 
Hydra has been declared by UNESCO as the most well-preserved island of the Mediterranean Sea in terms of natural beauty. Its restored manor houses, its quaint cobbled streets, the houses with their blue windows, the fortress with the battlements and cannons, its 300 churches, the museums and monasteries will overwhelm you with their beauty. The rich aromas of the sea food will dazzle you till you actually enjoy a delicious meal with your family or just relax at a beer pub with friends. 
This one day cruise will relax you so that you can escape from the daily routine following a schedule both well-planned and exciting. The cruise is especially designed for those who luck in time or want to leave it all behind combining the fun of vacations with relaxation. Trust us to travel you to this special island of Saronikos Bay.


Enchanting Poros

Are you looking for an island with the fragrance of the old days? An ideal place for a nearby escape of a male gender, an island where together we can discover its traditional beauty since it never really cared to become "in fashion" like cosmopolitan Hydra and Spetses. An island with its own well-hidden charm like an old lace and like the greek movies we loved, the unforgettable magical summers which we have left behind since we were young. So, join us to lead you to enchanting Poros!
Ancient Kalavria or Poros as it is called today has a population of about 4.000 people and is situated opposite Galatas, a village on the east coast of the Peloponnese with its well known lemon tree woods. It is an ideal destination for those interested in short escapes, searching for a peaceful place yet not boring, verdant and picturesque.
Approaching it by boat, we come face to face with wonderful neoclassical buildings which ornament the hill on which the town of Poros lays amphitheatrically. Each side is covered with pine trees and its tiny bays as well as its being close to Athens, make it an island which takes you back to the old years of innocence. 
On board the cruiser of SEAYACHT we will discover all the hidden secrets of Poros, marvel at its lacy bays, swim in clear waters, cruise along the coasts of the Peloponnese and for those interested, fishing and diving is also an option.
Gaze the Old Clock (donated by Ioannis Papadopoulos in 1927), walk along the cobbled streets discovering quaint small squares, marvel at the peaceful scenery, visit the historical monastery of Kalavria and the old aqueduct, the archaeological museum, Villa Galini and the old ruins of the temple of Poseidon. Thanks to its unspoilt charm and its neoclassical style which remains the same although the commercial demands of our times ask for a change, Poros was the place chosen to film favorite movies with Thanassis Vegos as well as scenes from "Alice in the Navy" etc.



Get away to cosmopolitan Spetses with SEAYACHT. This historical island is about 50 nautical miles away from Piraeus and consequently the ideal destination for short escape. On board  SEAYACHT we will meet numerous lacy small bays which welcome us to their clear blue water as well as their privacy. 
Cosmopolitan Spetses is known for its neoclassical manor houses with their beautiful balconies and the intricately designed mosaic yards. Its traditional architecture combined with the lack of cars invite us to meet the island of Spetses leaving all the worries of the big city behind.
Its great participation in the greek revolution of 1821 cannot be ignored as a lot of important captains of the time offered their fleets to the service of the war, with the woman captain Laskarina Bouboulina on top of all, whose imposing statue decorates the square of Posidonio. You can sample the delicious local almond delights with the mouthwatering aromas of cinnamon and clove, go window shopping or enjoy a walk at the port of Dapia. The museum of Bouboulina, the magnificently decorated Posidonio Hotel, the square of the clock, the manor house of Hatzigianni Mexi which has been turned into a museum and the beacon of Spetses also stand out. Enjoy a ride on a horse with carriage, visit the metropolitan cathedral of St. Nicolas, the church where the flag of 1821 was risen and have a cup of coffee at one of the many luxurious cafés of the island. 
On board SEAYACHT  we will enjoy our trip to the beautiful island of Spetses, a unique short distant excursion for the lovers of fun and all those who would love to recharge their batteries at this classical, majestic and cosmopolitan destination.


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